Hi-Fi amplifiers for sale

Located in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

It is monoblocks, 25 W each. My own design. Only two units were in production. Output: PP EL34. Input  ECC82 and ECC83. All tubes TESLA and TUNGSRAM old stock.

Output transformers from studio monitor amplifiers circa mid 60's, as well as plate power transformer; filament is provided by separate transformer. Optimal load now is about 15 ohm, but I use them with 8 ohm speakers. In this case they have about 20% lack of power it becomes 20 W and it is not listenable. The linearity doesn't become bad too. It is easy to upgrade them to 35 - 40 W @ 15 ohm load by increasing of plate voltage (from 350 to 420 V). Power transformer makes it possible to do it. But it sounds good without any modifications, especially if it is in use with sensitive speakers.

I have used amps like these (these are better) in experiments on emotional effect of music in Sankt-Petersburg university.

Weight 14 kg each.

Front view


Back view

Power cable is quite thin, but it will beat any common cable; only $100 worth MIT or something like that can successively replace it.


Under cover you can see all tubes and 2 of three transformers: smaller output; larger plate voltage about 200W. Filament voltage is supplied by separate toroidal transformer, located under chassis.

Without cover

Bottom view

Conical feet with sharp tips are made of hard steel.




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